Wellness in the Hotel Tvrz Orlice

The wellness studio is open daily from 09:00 am to 10:00 pm. Wellness services are intended for hotel  guests and also for the public.

Visitors can use: hydromassage bath, massage steam shower box, finnish sauna, cooling shower and two fitness machines – rowing machine  and elliptical trainer. The wellness is equipped with four sun loungers, bar with drinks and an LCD TV. DVD player i salso available on reguest.

There is no reason to rush in our rest room. Here you have just and only exactly by name to relax and focus on how to relax and calm the best. After a sauna, a steam bath or a bath in a whirpool, body and mind deserve a moment of calm to regenerate and absorb the beneficial effects of the treatments. Rest area is a very important part of wellness. Try to lie down in a heated deck chair and enjoy a moment of sweet doing  nothing accompanied by pleasant relaxing music.

FAVORITE PERMANENT 4 + 1 FREE ENTRANCE is available at the hotel reception.

ORDERS of the wellness studio visit are accepted daily by the hotel reception :

tel.: +420 465 677 720, e-mail: recepce@eywan.cz

(orders at least 24 hours in advance)

Na recepci je možné si také zakoupit permanentky


Treat yourself to quality care, our professional team will advise you on a selection of a wide range of relaxing massages and wellness treatments.


Chocolate wrap from 490 CZK / person

The uniqueness of chocolate was know more than 2000 years ago. At the time, it was known that it gave the body a feeling of good mood and significantly rejuvenated the skin. Chocolate contains many useful elements for the human body. Coccoa prevents the penetration of free radicals, is harmonizing and gently stimulating. The wraps help the rapid elemination of toxins from the body, improve blood and lymphatic circulation, suppress cellulite, strengthen and hydrate the skin, restore elastin and collagen fibers and thus cause skin rejuvenation and have a positive effect on joint pain. The wrap has an effect on the beneficial effect on heart function, detoxification of the body and on improving the appearance of skin affected by cellulite. After  the skin is firmer and more elastic, eliminates long-term accumulated stress and fatigue and strengthens the immune system.


Peat wrap from 590 CZK / person

The peat plate is heated in a water bath to a temperature of about 40 C and applied to the treated area for 20 minutes. By warming up the organism, metabolic processes are accelerated, and at the same time medicinal organic and mineral substances are released from the peat by heat, which pass through the skin into the clients body. The immediate effect of the peat wrap reduces pain, relaxes muscle spasm. Local increased blood flow to the tissues and stimulation of the immune system is important. At the same time, it has a regenerating effect on the skin. The wrap should be applied before the massage. It can deal with cellulite or mild skin inflammation in the formo f acne, eczema and in some case salso psoriasis. If you want to look a few years younger a peat wrap can also help here. In addition to having a regenerative and hydrating effect on the skin, it significantly contributes to its restructuring and thus to its rejuvenation. It is therefore also an ideal helper in the fight against wrinkles.


Herbal wrap from Ayurvedic herbs from 490 CZK / person

Wrap containing a mixture of Ayurvedic herbs such as Indian mustard, eukalyptus, licorice, camphor or ceylon cinnamon. Due to the uniform action of heat, the active substances are significantly absorbed into the deep layers of the tissue during melting. The general effects of positive thermotherapy through the wrap are mainly hyperemia, increased permeability of capillaries, decreased muscle tone, significant muscle relaxation. The wrap mainly reduces local body, back and muscle pain.


Honey wrap from 590 CZK / person

Honey wrap is not only hydrating but also detoxifying. It strongly revitalizes and heals the whole organism and is suitable primarily for exhaustion and weakness due to stress, old age or illness, tension, nervous disorders and states of restlessness. With its detoxifying effect, it helps cleanse the whole organism of deposits that it has accumulated over the years from the environment, food and drugs. It is an absolute nourishing bomb for the skin of the whole body. It is pleasantly  warm and beautifully lubricates dry skin. It acts as a natural antibiotic, heals and heals cracks. Its also one of the wraps that do not cause major skin reactions, on the contrary, it soothes. It is excellent after sunbathing in the sun and in the solarium or conversely, after  winter, when the skin is dry. Its an old proven healing detoxification method.



Prices of wraps are listed including VAT tax. Reservations for wellness procedures, wraps and massages must be made in advance on tel. number : +420 465 677 720 or recepce @eywan.cz .


+420 465 677 720


(orders at least 24 hours in advance)

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