History of Tvrz

The fortress is located on the outskirts of Letohrad in the middle of the Eagle Mountains. The seat was probably built at the end of the 13th century, in the 16th century the fortress was rebuilt into a Renaissance chateau. After the nobility moved from Orlice to the Kyšperk chateau in 1650, the building was adapted for economic purposes. At the end of the 20th century, the fortress building fell into disrepair for 40 years. In 2008, the Orlice fortress was purchased by EYWAN s.r.o., which began work on the renovation of the entire complex. After the revitalization was completed in June 2012, a new tourist destination was established in eastern Bohemia, offering visitors not only a tour of the repaired fortress with original Gothic and Renaissance cellars, weapons collection, functional historic book printing workshop and other exhibits, but also a restaurant, medieval tavern and accommodation sightseeing route A, B, C and D).

The historic building with rarely preserved building parts from the Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Classicism periods is a cultural monument. Of particular interest is the intact cellar from the time of the fortress, the newly discovered masonry of the original ground floor, which indicates the original larger four-room building. The preserved figural sgraffito decoration on the external plaster of the Renaissance tower of the chateau confirms the uniqueness of this residence among rural settlements throughout Bohemia. Under the current floor, the original fortification wall of the fortress from the end of the 13th century, 2.1 m wide, is hidden and a 400-year-old medieval cellar has been discovered. During the archaeological survey, a large number of fragments of tiles from all construction periods of the fortress were found. Also, the finds of murals from the second half of the 16th century have no analogues in the whole region of Eastern Bohemia in the last 60 years.

Letohrad is a beautiful town in the Eagle Mountains, which is worth seeing. The medieval fortress of Orlice lies on its eastern edge right next to a pond and a forest. Beautiful nature and extensive opportunities for tourism, sports and cultural activities will not forget you to stay in our city and region. In tourism polls, Letohrad is one of the three most popular places in the Orlické Mountains and region Podorlicko, where tourists like to return.


+420 465 677 731

Open Hours

SAT – SUN from 09:00 to 16:00

For ordered groups, it is possible to adjust the opening hours according to the agreement. Advance reservation required.

Tours always start at every full hour.

The last tour starts an hour before closing.

Admission price list







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Evening tour



Admission fee 100 Kč 100 Kč 180 Kč 50 Kč 150 Kč 40 Kč
Reduced admission fee

(children from 6 to 15)

70 Kč 70 Kč 120 Kč 50 Kč 90 Kč

(from 4 y.o.)

20 Kč
Reduced admission fee

(seniors from 65)

80 Kč 80 Kč 140 Kč 50 Kč 120 Kč 30 Kč
Holders of ZTP / P cards 50 Kč 50 Kč 80 Kč 40 Kč 20 Kč
Family ticket

(father, mother and their children from 6 to 15, route C from 2 to 15)

230 Kč 230 Kč 430 Kč 130 Kč 90 Kč
Group admission fee

(at least 15 persons over 15)

80 Kč 80 Kč 140 Kč  30 Kč
Group discount for school trips

(pupils 6 - 15, accompaniment for 10 pupils - 1 person free of charge)

70 Kč 70 Kč 120 Kč 40 Kč  20 Kč

(children 3-6, accompaniment for 10 children - 2 people free)

70 Kč 40 Kč 20 Kč
Children under 6 accompanied by parents free free free 50 Kč (od 2 let) free

Due to fast and smooth check-in at the box office, we ask group expeditions that participants do not purchase tickets individually, but that they purchase a ticket in bulk through their representative. Visitors from abroad pay the regular entrance fee for the tour, they have a foreign language text available for loan.

The minimum number of participants for a night tour is 15 people. Admission to disciplined dogs on a leash is allowed.

About Exhibitions…

The visitor of the fortress can choose from four prepared circuits, or combine them into one tour. 

Both main routes are full-fledged and equally interesting in terms of content, but each with different attractions. The tour time of each main route is approximately 50 minutes and it will only depend on the visitor whether he combines a tour of these routes with a short break into one. During the big tour, it is possible to use the sanitary facilities during the break.

Route C is prepared especially for children, but also for other visitors who love animals.

Currently, sightseeing routes A, B, C and D are available. The first route A - historic rooms and cellars with collections of weapons, hunting trophies, pewter utensils and historic cuisine. Under the glass floors you can see the walls and walls of the original fortress. Visitors will also see spaces that had been walled up for 400 years and were discovered during reconstruction. The second route B will surprise you with the beautiful spaces of the second and third floors of the fortress. You will be amazed by the beauty of products from currently non-existent Eagle glassworks. You will see original figural sgraffito from the 16th century and a historic book printing workshop. The third route C is called "Magic Forest - the fauna of the Czech Republic". The fourth route D contains Archaeological finds during construction work on the Orlice Fortress and other interesting exhibits.

Progams for schools

Try it together with the students and book an original school trip even today.

Magic forest

Under the guidance of a lecturer in cooperation with a teacher, the children will get acquainted with the fauna of the Czech Republic in an entertaining way. The aim of the program is to develop respect for nature, knowledge of animal species living in the Czech Republic, to lead students to comprehensive, effective and open communication, interactive learning. It is about children achieving an intense experience and acquiring knowledge - they achieve this through their own activities, through their own creative thinking. The program uses object-learning methods, experiential pedagogy, work with text, images and active group teaching.

The program is designed for:

children from 4 to 12 years of age

(number of children in the group 10 - 25)

Program length:

standard 45 minutes


CZK 40 / pupil (free pedagogical accompaniment)

How is a book made? 

How is a book made? How do I print text or images? What record carriers are used before the first books appeared? These and interesting other questions will be answered to students during the program in the book workshop in a playful and interesting way. Pupils will get acquainted with the hand-made books from the printing of individual pages to the final decoration of the boards. Try printing on a Gutenberg press and see many other machines. The reasons are based on your favorite experiences and experiences from visits with the book craft. Under the guidance of a lecturer, in cooperation with a teacher, children will work with friends and materials. They will learn to recognize basic printing techniques. Focus on programming students to think creatively, sharing students on versatile, safe and open communication, development of students to be able to work together. Pupils will practice fine motor skills, creativity, creative learning. The point is for children to have an intense experience and acquire knowledge - the best of their own creative activities, their own creative thinking.

The program is designed for:

3rd - 9th grade of elementary school

(number of children in the group 15 - 30)

Program length:

standard 60 minutes


CZK 70 / pupil (free pedagogical accompaniment)

The date of the visit can be ordered at:

Teaching programs take place only during the school year, ie from September to June. In the premises of Tvrz building you can also have lunch in a non-smoking restaurant, groups must be ordered in advance at: 465 677 724.