Stylish historic restaurant with hunting decorations, this is the place where you can enjoy your first morning coffee, lunch of selected delicacies, a well-deserved dessert and a pleasant dinner with a glass of wine at the end of the day - in the restaurant Tvrz Orlice we know many recipes for a happy life.

The restaurant itself has a capacity for 40 people, but by connecting it with the adjacent column hall with exhibitions, this capacity can be increased up to 90 people. In the summer months is possible to use the terrace for another 60 people, where is a beautiful view of the nearby pond and the bike path around Letohrad. At the same time, thanks to the complete equipment, it is possible to organize catering in nature or barbecue in the courtyard of the Fortress. The restaurant is an ideal place for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, corporate parties and other meetings.

In our restaurant we pay attention to quality, this is the reason, why our kitchen prepares meals only from fresh and local ingredients from the Orlické Mountains region.

First of all, we can recommend our tasting menu, which is prepared for you with the care and diligence, by our team of people who take care of the taste, but also the visual side of the served dishes. These selected dishes are always in accordance with the current season, precisely in order to maintain our standard and offer you only the best. In addition to a special menu, we also offer our guests a permanent menu.

Gift voucher to the Restaurant Tvrz Orlice

Don't know what to give to your loved ones, friends or to business partners? Give them an experience. The gift voucher for the tasting menu in our restaurant will delight even the most demanding and will be an unforgettable surprise. You have a choice of two options, a 3-course tasting menu or a 4-course tasting menu paired with wines. Reservations for tastings are required 48 hours in advance.

If you are interested in gift vouchers, please, contact us by phone at +420 465 677 720 or by e-mail:

Medieval Pub

There is room for more demanding or guests looking for a real experience! An interesting setting for medieval feasting and sipping offers medieval pub in the cellar of the Renaissance part of the fortress. Beautiful vaulting of the ceiling on subtle pilasters, revealed original stone floor and a large fireplace to grill period delicacies will certainly have a positive effect on your sitting at a proper table. And only when it is roasted on a cutting board, to do with the unfiltered beer! Then the wandering singer or dancer on the table just completes your experience … All dishes are prepared on the fireplace.

The pub is an ideal setting for private parties for private celebrations in an unusual atmosphere, which can be enriched by a swordsman or fire fight. The pub is open for booked events.

Opening Hours

Monday - Saturday:   11:00 am – 09:00 pm

Sunday:  11:00 am - 08:00 pm



+420 465 677 730



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Wine List

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