Potštejn castle ( up to 20 km )

The ruins of the mighty Potštejn castle are among the largest in the Czech Republic. its history begins in the late 13th century ( 1295 ). In the area of the castle is the chapel of St. Jan z Nepomuk ( 1766 ) and the last stop on the Stations of the Cross „ Boží hrob „ ( 1754 ). In the fourth entrance gate there is an exhibition documenting the history of the castle. The castle is also associated with a story about the treasure : The son of the founder Půta, Mikuláš of Potštejn, was a famous robber knight. He died in the rubble of the castle when he was conquered by Karel IV. Potštejn then became an impregnable fortress, which was brought to ruin only by Count Jan Antonín Harbuval-Chamaré. At that time, he decided to find the mythical treasure of the robber Mikuláš. He forged for years under the castle corridors, until the walls began to collapse and crumble. But he found no treasure. This story inspired Alois Jirásek to write  the book „ Treasure „. Therefore a memorial plaque of Jirásek s „ Treasure „ is placed here.